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Education has been transformed in an automatic happening process once infrastructure, paraphernalia, high sounding educator fundas and a make-believe vision in put up on sale. The normal marketing and also has become a part of the industry which the education has translated itself into knowingly or unknowingly. If it is made a high-end commercial venture out of reach of the common masses, its success is nearly always ensured. This education machine has caught the imagination of the masses to a level that parents have started believing that the frills which are displayed to hypnotize them, actually deliver education.

The frills-based education industry has literally taken over from the completely no frills based conventional education which believed only in skills and delivery, at the cost of any level of discomfort, pain, suffering and inconvenience. Education was finally proven by what you become and how you lead your life, in the most professional and earthly manner. It also produced good number of men and women of steel, who stood by morality, integrity, utility and philanthropy principle. The capability to stand on your own feet is education against all odds and deliver was the operational philosophy of our no frills based education.

When talking, defending, substantiating becomes the norm while selling new and unsubstantiated fancy models of education at the expense of conventional well proven models, claiming to take away stress, tension, effort and hard work out of the system, yet delivering a better deal, was gleefully lapped by the parents. Having given up their responsibility in the education and grooming of their child, it was turning to be the best opportunity of the lives. The concerned school boards also decided to play ball in their favour, making transition through primary school and middle school nearly automated. Even in most exam friendly environment if you don’t perform, the system will take care of you.

Frills of education become education itself. The best results in recent times happened in a year when no Board Exams were held. In the subsequent year, entrance exams to Central Universities were introduced. Engineering and medical courses had already declared their loss of faith in the Board exams. The education frills syndrome was closely followed by the flaunt industry. The more fanciful the school, the more you can flaunt. School has become a status symbol for quite sometime now. It has become one social and cocktail talk agenda, and not the results and what child has been able to achieve in life. The fanciful education theory and practice has gained ground and in age consumerism it serves the dual objectives of less effort and able to manage false social status issues. The natural extension is students going far and wide to institutions and places unknown in another called a foreign degree. Will we ever get back our education?

Sanjay Sahay

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