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The whole gamut of the cyber space needs to be policed, that is what this spectrum talks about, Jamtara to Metaverse. In the latter the village rustics have be able to take the scalp off urban India by the tech and social engineering skills. Maybe they understand the technology better, in its totality to take the country for a ride. On the other end we have the Interpol conference taking us the to the ultimate level of Metaverse policing, a world with its contours undecided. If this whole cyber space is to traversed safely, every component, stage, activity and its variety, needs to the policed.

Cyber policing is not what we understand today, of investigating cybercrime cases which are reported, of which a little few see the light of the day through our investigative expertise. Policing the cyber world is totally different concept, wherein the police first picks up the skills to understand its constituents, as per their legal mandate and prescribe a methodology to be up to date with it. Can the cyber world be policed today in the manner the physical world is? If it not, not even say five percent of it, then whatever we have done so far, has been in the direction of missing the woods for the trees.

Even today, as in the past, the feeling is that announcements of huge fund allocations and alleviation of expertise would make the difference. The fate of the promised infrastructure as per the needed quality and handling by the right expertise remains a far cry. If our tryst with public CCTV networks has been anywhere near satisfactory, cyber is much more complex and a demanding world, where one can take only one step at a time. Technologically disoriented police find itself nowhere near the task cut out for them. What has been the level of collaboration and intelligence sharing in cyber policing and investigation arena? It certainly needs introspection. Promising complete change of gears for all police forces, Metaverse, Interpol says, holds many benefits in terms of remote work, networking, collecting and preserving evidence from crime scenes and delivering training.

Digital collaboration could have been transformative for the police in every single way, but the archaic mindset to sub tech infra to outmoded protocols & procedures to low expertise levels did not allow for it. Interpol talked of its leap into Metaverse Ready Police by a virtual meta type tour of its headquarters and promise of some immersive training programs. Is this the ”fully operational” metaverse to equip the police globally to face the metaverse reality as it unfolds. Mark Zuckerberg, the leading proponent of this universe himself does not have any answers. Creating governance frameworks for the new world is certainly a great idea, but can it happen by some expert group and same overall slogan of secure by design. So far, the cyber tech business world has not favourably responded to it.

Sanjay Sahay

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