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Negligence the biggest trait in our DNA decides from the nature of simple congregation to deciding on a precarious future based on inputs, verified by emotions, which can leave anybody in bewilderment. Negligence of the varieties unknown to the world, or what the world would refuse to practice, is in vogue as the mainstream in this nation. Total lack of respect for law comes out of the same DNA, as law is treated as sheer documentation, which supposedly the professionals keep on creating to prove that the concerned persons are law abiding. This is done for a price. It generally operates in the area of lying both in speech and on documents, expecting that the consequences will not catch up.

Day to day misery on this account is not felt as that has become the life’s discourse of this nation. Every single accident case in the country is registered under the section of rash and negligent driving. Negligence ecosystem of road transport can send shivers down your spine. It can range from the way we issue our driving licenses to our fitness certificates, the less talked about road engineering the better. The result is that India has the dubious distinction of the having maximum deaths in road accidents, globally. If we do the negligence head count in this area, it may be endless.

The potholes are now adding to the already dubious situation. Bangalore has been leading the way. Is this the fate of a country producing 15 lakh engineers every year, or has it been sucked in the negligence cesspool. Floods were ushered in the Indian Silicon Valley in a big way this year, courtesy the decades of negligence. Approvals / no objections / clearance / fitness / worthiness certificates have their own story. The stories of fire tragedies have got into our folklore but the same negligence continues. Negligence has an umbilical connect with fast and easy buck. If that has become systemic, you can only die battling it.

But the fight has to go on. The crocodile tears cannot take us places, which we find after every tragedy. Is known negligence or even beyond a well-orchestrated one a criminal act? Morbi is a grim reminder of what can happen in this country no reason. It is only where certificates don’t even have an ornamental value, as in this case, if we go by the news, it was even dispensed with. The local self-government has to cheek to cry foul, when a bridge was opened post renovation without their permission. Everything has to informed to the public officials in India, they have no other way to run the show on a daily basis. A totally new model of governance. From Upaahar to Morbi the story of ghost dance of negligence is seen in full display. Then the media debates, a negligent media also sees only after the tragedy, hardly any journalist in the country has the capability to find a single aberrant fact on a normal day. Henceforth, the legal battle would start, prolonging the tragedy for kith and kin to decades. While all this happens the nude dance of negligence would keep on getting performed in the public domain unabated, with the blessings of all who matter, at all levels.

Sanjay Sahay

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