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When life is reduced to functions, the analogy worth remembering is one of Indian roads humps with roads in between pockmarked with holes.  Organisations have started finding the ultimate solace in its success, the goals, the accomplishments and impact they feel is no consequence.  Rural India and urban as well are replete with functions and the connected foundation stones which stand as mute testimony to the strength of the latest thought process thar it’s the function that matters, rest can be taken care, given the short nature of public memory if we can call it memory at all.

 The announcements, inaugurations and functions thereof seems to be an end in itself and does not seem to herald the beginning of anything.  Time and cost overruns are of no value, leave aside the quality and impact. The social media has addd a new dimension with pics / videos / punchline and the hype and the failures taking in the background is never allowed to come to fore. Some may end up as scams as well.  The function mindset is slowly becoming the DNA of the nation with glossy brochures, jingles, punchlines and advertisements creating a different aura of success and accomplishment, while in reality it is a litany of only wasteful expenditure and skewed mindset.

The productive energies of the nation is being frittered in such so called events day in day out, managed by small and big event management and PR concerns leaving the actual beneficiaries high and dry.  Some facts and figures are touted at events, which actually means nothing and is totally unconnected with the harsh ground realities.

The gloss and jazz of vast majority of NGOs gives a feeling of immense social transformation happening in this country, a tour across at least rural India has a totally different story.  Unfortunately, the educational institutions are also not far behind.  The powers that be in any field spend lots of time is these functions, find viability and success as synonymous to the detriment of that sector and cumulatively the whole nation.


    Sanjay Sahay

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