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Futurist even today is presumed to be a person making a deep dive into future for fancy, who would churn out make believe stories. Not any more. He is already turning out to be strategist of the day, planning for the rough and tumble ahead. Today, the futurists at Oxford predict that 45% of the jobs might just get wiped out in next 10 to 20 years.

Driverless automobiles are our future. Elon Musk will make it happen in a year or two and so will others. What will happen to 20 million drivers across the globe? The whole trucking industry. A ride in a car would be like using an elevator. The trucks would run 24/7 well in the manner of a human less assembly line.

Printers & publishers inclusive of the newspaper industry are on the verge of a disaster. The newspapers & magazines of today in reality are not competing with each other but jointly for their survival. Traditional magazines are a passé. Information is for free, the AI based analysis may cost a penny. The democratisation of news sources is happening at an unfathomable pace.

Amazon.go can bring the cashiers to penury. There would be no need for human intervention. Sensors, associated calculation mechanism and money transfer will do the job. The technology is there, it has to be commercially put in place. Bank tellers are already out of jobs. The jobs of accountants & tax preparers is easiest for an algorithm to do flawlessly, throwing off 1.3 million such workers on to the streets.

Travel agents are literally out with the Booking.com, airbnb and other such aggregators consistently taking over. Even Siri can do that for you. One more AI jump and they are completely out forever. So is the case of the fast food workers, the technology is available, somebody has to put the workflow in place. From control rooms to command centers, dispatchers have handled them all. One decisive aggregation switch over and that’s the nemesis of this trade. Manufacturing & construction may not need humans at all, in the days to come.


Sanjay Sahay

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