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DailyPost 1208


Though it is not a riddle, people have made one out of it. Needed by all, it becomes a crazy differentiator when synthesised with the domain. In the recent past no professional, company or even the nation states have not been able to make a mark in its a absence. This is what is called Generic Complimentary Technology. The technology being information and communications technology and in the same bracket comes all the relevant emerging technologies pushing exponential change and disruptive opportunities.

Even with benefits very very conspicuous for a long time, professionals and companies in general have not wedded to this idea. They handle it from a distance, the only unavoidable parts of it; social media, digital marketing, web portal and the like. We are still to see it merge in human being or one activity. Every audit is a mix of technical and functional issues, generally handled by two professionals, the document stitched into one. The domain lead is not ready to pick up the technical part, which should be treated as dealing with any other gadget.

The important fact is that if some data loss happens for whatever reasons, the likelihood of detection is pretty feeble. There can also be foul play. The doctor handling the diagnosis himself is better equipped to deliver a better treatment. A lawyer having a general capability of handling data and its flow over computer systems, as required will certainly offer a better deal. At least in the cyber field already, a lawyer having an in-depth knowledge of technology takes leaps unimaginable.

For right or for wrong, technology was made to play a negative role by the practitioners of it may it be US Presidential Elections or Brexit. Bankers not trying to get into the nitty gritty has led to hacks by the dozen. Being averse to generic complimentary technology does not only put all the stakeholders to a bigger risk and added to that brings down efficiency and general control over digital systems. You become dependent on somebody for even the basic functioning.


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