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DailyPost 1207


A professional is one who can work on his own and declare the successful completion of his work. This is the basic difference with the amateurs. But the professional world has immensely changed in the last decade or so and for the worse and more so at the operational levels. In the emerging technologies, in newer areas of work. The CV culture has made a killing. The connection between the claims in the CV and the skills are nebulous. Even an interview cannot reveal it all.

The demand and supply working in favour of the few good ones. The company and the govt. depts are in the run and are with no choices left but to pick whatever best they can. They might know at times that whosoever is being hired does not foot bill and have a fond hope that they would be able to fill the gap with some training, mentoring etc. At other times the lack of real skills on the job remains unknown. Once it gets unravelled, you have to bear with it, trying to make amends. As you pay as an employer you also suffer, both mentally, financially; salary and lower output.

These have become the days of Paid Handholding. The employers having landed in the predicament mentioned above have no choice but to follow this operational model. The employee would never realise what is going on with him, the back end tussle. He feels this is normal, he is good and some help needs to happen. The supervisory levels increase and more often that not even with that the time spend to get a job done increases. Work pressure in these conditions gets translated into friction and drudgery.

The positive attitude and the emotional connect to that particular job or even to his competency is very difficult to confirm. If one is lucky, one or few pick the skills. You start enjoying the smooth ride. And it gets busted. The same employees in whom invested time would ask for an increase you cannot afford or else will inform you that they moving out. The bargain would always remain unfathomable. You will never be able to find a cogent reason.


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