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How can any major international action happen without being a hack in it? From run up to the US Presidential Elections in 2016 to the present unfolding saga to impeachment, hacks have been showing up with persistent regularity. Europe had its own share of woes emanating from the Cambridge University and also the role on the same model in the BREXIT referendum. And now the latest that Russians hacked Ukrainian firm at the center of impeachment.

The Ukrainian company at the heart of Trump’s impeachment was a target of recent attacks where Russians have been able to access their email accounts. This was disclosed by California cyber security firm Area 1 Security. The hackers infiltrated Burisma Holdings months after President Trump urged Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter who had served on the Burisma’s board. Hacking seems to have established itself as a critical tool of intelligence, elections, business and war.

The plot and the actors are the familiar ones. It is once again the handiwork of GRU, the Russian military spy agency. It was once again a phishing operation. A perfected ploy of duping employees into sharing login information worked again. “What we know is that they’re able to access the usernames and passwords for the employees of Burisma.” What follows is all well known. It was a spear-phishing mail send to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta in 2016 which spilled out the beans from the DNC systems.

GRU has been extremely disruptive, the methodology being high-profile targets to get embarrassing information. After DNC it was World Anti-Doping Agency. They have also been targeting European foreign ministries and defence agencies, campaigns of 2018 US midterm elections, FIFA and Westinghouse. The rules of the game has changed in the digital world. A fascinating world to watch.


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