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DailyPost 1205


Technology has changed the rules of engagement; from tools of war to the mode of communication. The battle of communication is the war for supremacy which is won by winning the battle the perception. Perception in actuality provides you different choices nonetheless reality more often than not would always be hidden and you end up making a choice between perceptions. My perception as in any other case is certainly better than your perception. Period. These are not two thoughts about it.

Social media has very little to do with the social part than the propaganda part of it. Social is minuscule and media is turning out to the dinosaur. The print and electronic media have already been turned puny and are on way to its gradual extinction. All content has to shift to this medium, given the fact that every person is carrying a multimedia mass communication tool in his hand. He is already wedded to it.

In the current reigning deity of the media, Social Media, video is the killer. It can move anybody’s mind, further racing past to the subliminal. You are won over even without realising of it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a whole life’s experience. Lives are made and destroyed with videos carefully released in the public domain. The stings have their own story and also the videos pushed out of the context to make an impact in the context of the day. The video purported to of the killing in Iran is presumably picked up out a video games video.

Awe, ignorance and willingness to believe in videos at its face value is pushing the world to a corner. One video is beaten by another video or at the very minimum is tried to be given a befitting reply. Video also have been a tool to expand war and its reach as in the case of the ISIS. Slick, psychoanalysis based approach, with calibrated push, understanding the nature of every social media platform, videos can do magic with nothing else can. Videos have transformed the way we view the world.


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