DailyPost 1160- When a so-called professional with generic knowledge is tasked with a specialised project the natural outcome is at best truncated results and at its worst a full blown failed implementation. What on the face of it seems to an understandable project, turns out to be a specialised one, as you keep progressing on the project. For the people who feel that every thing can be managed and that a man of average knowledge / skills can deliver whatever he wants to, for sure are missing the clock by nothing less than a quarter of a century.

The so-called professional defines himself or herself as professional. No strict criterion to fulfil / achieve in any field. You keep on proclaiming day in and day out then sooner that later you will be accepted as one. As the ones who accept you belong to the same ilk. The pace of development and humungous usage of technology in very field to the last detail and its daily new adaption have left all gasping for breath. The management models / processes and governances structures and mechanisms have barely made any headway. Would SpaceX or Tesla could have taken off with generic knowledge?

The degrees and years of hanging around or hanging on to the job does not translate into specialised knowledge that too enmeshed with the capability to deliver. That is what is required in today’s world. Otherwise, you will never realise why you have failed and kept on failing and alibi business would keep going on in full swing. Richard Branson is a serial entrepreneur who has made a success out of everything he has laid his hands on. People might argue that entrepreneurship is something different but unfortunately that is mettle that is required to deliver anything in today’s world, within organisations and might be personal as well.

It is that not the complexity you ought to handle once, it is ongoing, it does not end. The mindset of learning / doing once and declaring oneself learned or professional is not the reality of the present age. The specialists too belong to different mindset, if they don’t find anybody to bell the cat, that have a field day, even with best of the specialists, the project will fail or remain truncated. Professional aggression can only pull it through. A study of failed & truncated projects would reveal it all. The paradigm shift has already happened.


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