IIT 2.0

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IIT 2.0

IITs have done a yeoman service to the nation adding immense quality and true recognition to engineering education in India and globally. It is 23 institutions strong and has become a brand to be reckoned with. The international ranking, the quality of students coming out of its portals, the quality of the placements, the qualitative superiority of the faculty members and the direction of the research and development has taken is something the country can be proud of.

The world is in state of technological flux today. The world is moving at a feverish pace and nations, enterprises and professional communities are at different levels in the race to Industrial Revolution 4.0. The emerging technologies will define the fate of nations and also the enterprises / academic institutions who excel in it. In this environment the IITs have to reinvent, facilitating India to take off on a different trajectory. India needs to become a workable knowledge giant with the capacity to deliver at will.

Disrupt or be disrupted has become the name of the game in the exponential age. The cyber physical age is going to be another leveller. The winners would be the ones who have already been leading the race. The IIT 2.0 in its avatar should be ready to rededicate itself and its products / students to give India a technological edge. The superpower ambitions of India would be dependant on that.

This would be the self actualisation stage of the IITs, giving back to the society and nation. The nation has invested in its infrastructure, growth and the brand. The country has lots of expectation out of them in the ensuing technological transformation. Only technological change can bring us to the cusp of transformational change converting India into an economic powerhouse. IITs can make it happen. A $5 dollar economy.


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