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The best thing we have done in recent times is to divide the world in silos and then try to explain propriety for that silo. Going a stage further, the silos were further subdivided, till the time we reach the individual level. While Good over Evil is celebrated as a concept, in festivals and moralistic jamborees, in reality it is messing up with our lives. Or only the celebrations and festivities matter, the eats and apparels, the holidays,  and the bonhomie. The spirit of good or evil is certainly not the all-pervading spirit. Had that been the case, we would have been a totally different society by now. One is that this is not even thought about, leave aside working on it and secondly,  can the present day world be dealt on the binary mode.

While the thought process has been consistent down the ages, the world around has completely changed; the basic spirit of human existence itself. From close knit communities with a social conscience and wherewithal to keep the members of the community on track, we have reached a stage where it is tough task to keep a single nuclear family on the same thought process. When the socio-religious based leadership world hits the road of an impersonal world, which thinks and believes differently and has created its own practices, it gives way to reality. This is the crossroads of human existence where we are in, we break off for a day or two, to get back to into moral leanings in the current multimedia messaging format, to forget as soon as we get back to our work life.

The best part about this good or evil story is that we don’t even discuss these in our day-to-day life, we either narrate the story of the epics or do grandiose messaging at the time of festivals; the prevalent mood is of fun, frolic and celebration. How will these values then find roots? When the difference between fact and fiction is getting lost, when truth has become a passé, the world they say is on the post truth mode. Where technology can create fakes better than the original, where best of the laws and models of democracy have not been able to break into the real Black Box of democracy. The world has reached a stage where hacking as we understand today is moving onto hacking of the human mind.

When mind is manipulated, can you even think about good and evil? That is the ultimate hacking. As there are no binaries in our present existence, there can be a scale, on which we can mark different areas or activities, on the Good Vs the Evil scale. On a scale of 1 to 10, evil to good, what marks can be given to elections, from the first to the current one? The same scoring can go on and on, for different facets of our existence. The educational system, one; where they rank on this scale; the management, the creation, the thought process; public and private, and second the quality of education, the overall grooming inclusive of moral component. What is the learning quotient in our educational system? We can do so, sector after sector, health, tech et al. Where have we lost the epoch-making battle of good against evil. We should resolve for a complete change.


Sanjay Sahay

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