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Jim Collins in his book Built to Last unravelled the inherent traits of companies & managers, over generations, on how enduring companies where created & sustained. Its ’a was certainly true for its age, but with technology completely changing business landscape, choice of right technology & working with it proactively, is critical to creating & sustaining a company today, more so in the technology space. It’s only the visionary entrepreneurs who can understand the length, breath & complexity of an emerging technology, research on it, connect it to a success product or upgrade.

DeepMind was bound to come on the Google’s radar, given the nature of work it was doing & its success in Artificial Intelligence. Parting with your creation is not easy and more so when it happens to be the the world’s pioneering company in AI. Demis Hassabis and Larry Page had a long grind but a shared vision made it easy. While Demis maintained his passion with Google being prefixed to his company name, becoming a Google arm. His penchant for research would continue to remain the same, with no interference from the Google masters. The computational power of Google, the deep pockets and uncanny knack to deliver research products of prodigy Demis has started yielding results. AlphaGo has gone down in history as a AI watershed moment. AlphaZero consolidated this trend.

Larry Page at the time of merger has told Demis that finally Google will become an AI company. This was the clincher. With world’s top 14 AI scientists in Google DeepMind, undeniably the company is moving in that direction. AI is Research Baby, this is what Google practices. Most of its business is ML / AI enabled with well funded research.

From an AI perspective it is delivering more than incremental growth, making it the most diverse IT giant. When the research products finally merge into highest end AI products of DeepMind, it would be magic, that would be the defining moment in history of business.


Sanjay Sahay

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