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Nuclear families, individuality, nobody even bothered about the neighbour in a big city, cut throat competition, lack of time, no time for flimsy things, true professionals – this description of the present day would give you feeling that Group Dynamics has ceased to exist. The duplicity of human existence will never cease to surprise. Group Dynamics is the trait of positioning an individual in a commonplace group and then pasting the traits of the group onto the individual. If it makes sense today, for sure it is antithetical to our existence and for all the modern world stands for.

Looking at somebody thought the prism of region, caste, religion, gender, racial features negates the very idea of individuality and that education, skill inculcation, modern mixed workplaces have not been able to make any great impact on us. With education and variety of jobs coming up, group dynamics has entered newer into areas of profession, economic status and educational achievements. How does an IT guy behave? How do doctors as a fraternity behave?

From academicians to textile workers to Police, we have made our visualisation of these groups, of their efficiency, of their response, of their behaviour extending to government sector and private sector and endless categories and groups. It is immaterial whether we have interacted with any of these groups of not, this is etched in our brains very rarely to be given a pass. When you come up something really intellectual, the general refrain is we didn’t expect a police officer to be so.

Is this the game of group subculture or that one has not been able to create a persona which is unique, ripping the Group Dynamics through its middle. The aspirational, well educated, a man who can blend with the large majority will give Group Dynamics a slip. Group can only be restrictive for him while for others it would be comforting enmeshed in behavioural traits which one has either grown up with or is comfortable with or both.


Sanjay Sahay

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