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With the advent of the social media knowledge or gyan as we call is on public display, source unknown, processing unknown, zero responsibility and yet it is hitting the world way better than best sourced, best narrated and equally well presented and digestible knowledge. That people have lost the taste of validated, objective and empirical knowledge may not the case, in reality they don’t where to source it form. The irony is that in the information age, knowledge is most scarce. The spewing of data endlessly cannot be tantamount to knowledge, vast majority is operational data, to keep your life moving.

Social media has provided amplification mostly to the ones who don’t deserve to have a global publishing capability on their fingertips. And that is what they are provided with. The issue is not with fake news, deep fake etc the issue is the creation of fake leaders, fake academicians, fake researchers, fake educators and also fake media persons. They are in the process of taking over the world and we have to be extremely wary of it. The battle earlier was between the bookish knowledge and the validated one of the practitioners. Today the challenge is the practitioner is nowhere to seen and the bookish knowledge of various types is taken over fake knowledge of a consistent type.

The truism of life is that gyan can be imparted only by the practitioner and the executioner. What the world is interested is operational gyan, which can add value to our life. Even the best of the bookish gyan beyond a point starts losing relevance as it is unable to make things stick in real life. If the bookish gyan were to deliver even partially but successfully every time, then the world would not have been afflicted with most of its chronic ailments, at times challenging its very existence. Practitioner has a demonstrated capability to delivering his expertise in tangible terms, over and over again, improving upon it every time in the interest of society, in some form or the other.

Hands on is on and will always remain so, given the complexity of the modern-day existence. And who would be better placed but a practitioner to impart knowledge to the people who are in need of it, in the current scenario, in the tectonic transition the world is going through. Metamorphosis, cutting edge enabled is redefining everything; economy, society, polity et al, our very existence itself. The only ones who can guide us and not mess up with us and the world are the practitioners, unfortunately, they are not ones who call the shots. Till the practitioners not hold centre-stage, mediocrity would be our journey and destination and we would remain wedded to uncertainty of all kinds in the foreseeable future.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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