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In the world where sale and purchase are the name of the game, gimmicks to promoting sale cannot be far behind. Trading as a back-end activity never comes to the public domain but rules the roost in the world business. Trades and tradesmen have called the shots for a long time. Sale and purchase are vibrant activities with any number of frills and packaging after packaging, not very sure of the actual price of the product and in case of crass commercialization, you cannot even be sure of the quality. Packaging and advertising should be a small component of the product cost and that too if the product can stand on its feet.

Fast forward to the professional and the social world. In the backdrop of the example mentioned above the issue that is nagging any rational thinking person today is to do or advertise. The proponents of the advertisement theory try to underplay publicly and bring forth only the subdued version of what they actually think of it. They very surreptitiously propose that if you are doing something worthwhile, you should make it known to the world. If you don’t do it yourself, then no one will do it for you.

The catch phrase is whether you are doing something worthwhile or not? The general feeling amongst us all is that whatever we are doing, we evaluate it as worthwhile. For whom and for what purpose is no one’s concern. If it has been worthwhile, why no one is talking about and even if that is not happening, what difference does it make, if you are so satisfied with what you are doing and delivering. The second part of the issue is that if you don’t do, nobody else will do it for you. The reasoning is whether it is worthwhile doing the advertising and more often than not, it has been found, that more effort goes into advertising than what you put in, in actually doing that job.

Then we come to the most intriguing question of it all. Whether both these needs to be done and can both be done with utmost ease simultaneously, without impacting focus on the first. In the social media world, social marketing is the biggest fad, that has afflicted mankind. The time it sucks for your self-propaganda is killing. The precision and expertise it requires to be there and impact making in the social media way, is no mean task. Social media animal is a different player, the vested interests lie somewhere else. For the doer, it is a one of its kind distraction, not worth of eating into your time and making you ineffective.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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