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In the present deluge of data & information, knowledge for vast majority has in reality plateaued,  though they claim to the contrary. We have become tools in transaction of  useless data & information , adding literally no value to our knowledge. This information does not pertain to what we have studied or what we do for a living or increase the knowledge of the world around us. This gives us a  false feeling of being abreast with the times  as most around us are also living the same nature of  make believe knowledge existence.

How much have you improved on the knowledge of the subject/s you studied for the last degree? How much has your progressional knowledge increased in last five years? How much of knowledge are you able to add of things changing the world today & with what clarity.  If the answer to these questions does not enthuse confidence in you, certainly your knowledge has completely plateaued,  even without you realizing of it.  We live in a knowledge based world; either we align or perish . This has to be driven home  as shortly we would be driven out by smarter people or machines, who would be  both powerhouse of knowledge & skills.

 How does the knowledge plateau happen?  Having got a cushy job we feel that no knowledge is further required. It’s time to reap the benefits of effort / education.  The wider the gap between the knowledge you have and job you do, the more comfortable you are.  This is the ultimate irony. There are your peer groups, in the same predicament, to support you and also the family which has reposed full faith in you.  If you base your professional existence on the proverbial thin sheet, the result is all known.

In the exponential world the requirements are wide, varied and challenging.  Exponential world is also unforgiving . You have unravel the need and work upon it.  The plateau has be transformed into a roadmap taking you to your Professional destiny.  Successful professionals are scared of this plateau & don’t allow it to happen.


   Sanjay Sahay

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