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Children provide us the ultimate happiness.  Child is the father of man.  Indeed! There is immense learning in this ignorant being. To make the child bloom through grooming provides us the satisfaction of life.  Parenting is the tool to achieve this feat.  How many of us are equipped to do so? Do we put in sufficient time, effort & energy? Is it the most critical component to facilitate in creating the next generation India needs?  We ought to understand what a child is & what childhood is all about, to contribute meaningfully to his / her life.  We are bogged down by our own mental baggage.

 A child is a natural learner.  He ought to be. He has to pick up lots of skills in a short time.  All hands on.  First, as we have lost the skills, we think differently.  We are not able to align with the child.  We force our mindset on the child without understanding the toddlers psychology. Second,  we never understand the fact that we have to provide an enabling environment,  rather than teach them to fall in line.

 Inquisitiveness is innate to a child.  This becomes the sense of inquiry,  the best method of learning about nature, science  et al.  Questioning is not liked either by parents or teachers because of their own failings, leave aside improving upon it.   A natural flair is decimated much before it takes roots . It’s never allowed to become the child’s DNA.  All children are born geniuses, we transform them into mediocres.  Mediocrity prevails, while we endlessly vouch for merit & excellence.  An inherent dichotomy.

While we keep celebrating the Children’s Day with annual regularity,  our approach to the real assets of the nation does not change.  They have to be at the center of our universe. We can keep talking about a young nation &  the famous demographic dividends. Will the dividends we intend to reap will even happen , is the issue. Time to change gears, parents & teachers have to  change their mindset. As they bloom, the country will find its place in the sun.


    Sanjay Sahay


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