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With few years into a variety of leaks the world over, it has become so difficult to imagine the world before that.  From servers to documents to pictures to videos, it seems we are completely immersed in it.  From world politics to individual lives all have been impacted in a totally mind boggling manner.  All activities of the world have got intricately intertwined with leaks or the fear of leaks.  It is slowly becoming the litmus test of our existence itself.  Anything else does not matter, prime movers like technology, growth, trade play a poor second fiddle.  

From the discovery of private servers of Hillary Clinton to hack of DNC servers to the latest leaks by Wikipedia of Trump Jr and the Russians,  American politics is reeking with leaks.  Congressional hearings to international tv channels to social media, there is nothing else left in this world.  Fate of governance!  Can Trump delivers anything worthwhile being in this muck.

Twitter happens to be the official leak channel, though coming from genuine accounts of the individuals,  is inconsistent to the nations stated policies  & democratic conventions. Inherent or make believe, contradictions emerge to the detriment of the established system and  the people who are at loss as to what to believe and what not to.

Snowden leaks 2013 can be termed as the 9/11 of the infamous leak history,  which is now taking monstrous proportions. Legality / morality cocktail is very difficult to handle with interpretations galore, depending on what your stakes are.  Media then gets onto the bandwagon.

 Digital world has thrown weird challenges,  which we had not imagined and find incompetent to deal with. Democracy gets severely dented.  This is not the road ahead for modern civilization,  built on sweat  & blood & Intelligence of non self -seeking individuals.We have to find a way out of this morass, the sooner the better.


Sanjay Sahay

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