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Did you have any expectations from Indian democracy, politics, government, governance and above all thousands of leaders who adorn our political landscape? Anybody connected to governmental power amongst them, are borne on the taxpayer’s money. Has it been able to meet even the most minimalist of the expectations! If not, what can be the reason. For sure, people have never come in way doing that. They have also never demanded, leave aside dictated, as to what should be delivered to them. They have always waited patiently to get whatever the largesse of the government and leaders provided them.

At times they demanded some remedial action where things went awry. It has been mostly of a tragic nature; compensation to a victim, law & order related, crime, excesses, communal and other clashes and may be natural disasters. Justice is at its core. Suffice to say they have cried out aloud in public when caught between a rock and a hard surface. In such situations too,how many times where the governments been able to provide succour. The tragedy lies in the question; how many times have they really tried? And even worse did they even have time, energy or inclination? Or the full time of politician is just bothered about his politics and rest just fall into the ecosystem; defence, offence, drama and what not?

What a tragic politics that we have created an ugly variant of democracy. Grave crimes, to communal clashes to ethnic cleansing, we have had it all. What great political leadership has been provided is such precarious times? It is difficult to find a few great examples. Most of the times, it has turned out to be the fence eating the crop. The Indian politician is conspicuous by his absence, when crisis strikes people. If he goes you can barely make out the difference he actually made to the critical situation. The strangest of it all, is that even in such situations also he does politicking, to mess up the situation beyond repair.

Has Indian politics become irrelevant but for the people who practice and gain out of it and the concentric circle of the ‘hangers on’ who benefit in a small or a big way, depending on the nature of the political connection? This can range from a party or someone known to him making a fast buck to the largest of the business houses making windfall gains. For the rest of the country, it is battle as usual ranging between bad to the worst; think of the Covid times and how the lowest strata faced existential crisis, not trying to bring down the hard grind which large part of the population had to face.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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