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If we create an Approachability Index based on objective and empirical analysis of data points, it will certainly throw up surprises, contrary to the the claims we make. The claims of being approachable to anybody anytime. The single trait of approachability is a manifestation of your existence itself. If permeates deep into your existence, every single activity and your persona has a reflection of it. It is at a the base of social existence to be precise.

When you want to approach any body for whatever purpose or reason, you want an extremely approachable person but when somebody tries to get across to you, you put your filters on. We have reached a level where you cannot get any senior persons phone number from that company’s Call Center. The levels approachable are decided in today’s world, above and beyond unapproachable. Being approachable seems to a undignified behaviour in exalted circles.

Being unapproachable serves vested interests in a manner and at a comfort level you cannot even imagine off. An iron curtain is thus created and you can safely remain unaccountable while singing songs of your greatness. Public servants not being approachable is a contradiction in terms. The timing, method and duration is pre-decided, if the interaction where to happen. In the world of instant communication picking up a call from an unknown number is an anathema.

Me time, we time, family time, vacation time have all become the new mantras of modern human existence – from prerecorded replies to emails of being on holidays. In the public domain to find a person who is approachable is like getting a lottery. Huge numbers of calculated stunts of approachability also happen. The make believe ones, the PR exercises, the show offs, reality being otherwise. Looking approachable is not even skip deep. Our DNA has changed.


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