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Making technology humane is the mission. The backdrop is the AI age, some simply call it the Intelligence Age. Creating a product and making it a commercial is not the mission. Created by one of the biggest inventors of our times, Imran Chaudhri, is backed by over 20 years of experience, living and creating one product to the other, at Apple. The product mindset comes from there, with it the passion to do away with the tech enslavement is driving this company. Very rare has anybody bothered to give it a thought; whether technology product has been humane or not. The understanding of world humane would make us understand what the company ethos is, and an all-effort to create a product range out of it.

Humane is defined as having compassion or benevolence. What is compassion? It is sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings and misfortunes of others. And benevolence is the quality of being well meaning, kindness. As per their website the company is built on their three-pillar belief system of values; trust, truth and joy. Such a clarity of thought process is non-typical of IT companies and even beyond that is the audacious imagination. The imagination is of bringing these thoughts to reality, through products, which this company intends to produce. The group of technologists who have come together, with their credentials and their track records hitting the roof, makes us feel it is doable.

Company is people and that is where the Humane’s goldmine is. Started in the year 2017, the results have started surfacing. Undeniably the road ahead is long and winding. They have reached the patents stage, the already ones filed are; 1. wearable multimedia device and cloud computing platform with application ecosystem, 2. wearable multimedia device and cloud computing platform with laser projection system, 3. portable battery pack for wireless charging body-worn devices through clothing, and lastly 4. System and apparatus for fertility and hormonal cycle awareness. The nature of technical documents provided are sound enough to lay a claim to getting patents on the topics mentioned earlier.

Our battle is with information today, notwithstanding however much goodness it has brought to mankind. Not being enslaved and making you feel super human is what the devices are supposed to do, is the thought and expression of the founder. Smartphone addiction is a very real thing is what we are forced to accept. ”You tend to lose sight of what is immediately around us”. And that is an issue. How does your device make you feel? Or have we even able to think in this direction? Machine learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision will be at core of Humane’s products and services. Ambient computing would be all pervasive, computer will fade into the background. ”It may entirely disappear, waiting to be activated by a voice command, a person entering a room, a change in blood chemistry, as shift in temperature, a motion.” May be even just a thought. An all-powerful unobtrusive wearable, intricately customized for you, through machine learning, seems to be Humane’s journey ahead.

Sanjay Sahay

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