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Companies like apple are born only once, which redefine out existence by the products they make. Steve Jobs suffered from distorted reality field to an extent, that his distorted reality field become reality, while our reality hit the ashes. From PC to iPhone gadgets heralded the newer and more innovative versions of the digital age. Now it is time for a new apple to emerge in the intelligence age. While we are talking about and experiencing the giant leap in field of AI, getting amazed by companies like OpenAI, or Google DeepMind and lots of other companies creating products, services, use cases, plug-ins et al that has left us in bewilderment.

Yet there is company which goes beyond all this. And as luck will have it, it can be genealogically coming from the Apple fold. Started by Imran Chaudhari, who is designer, inventor and innovator. He put in more than 20 years in Apple and been associated with pathbreaking products. His wife and ex-Apple employee Bethany Bongiorno, a renowned techie in her own right, joined him to accomplish a mission, which we cannot even imagine of. The company is . Started in year 2017, the website of this company starts with Good Ai is humane.

Out of the around 140 employees today, around 60 come from the Apple fold. It just gives us feel that is the new apple and their vision is unlike anyone else in the field of the AI. It is different to the core; from vision, to design principles to products and in totality the very way humans would engage with technology in the days to come. ”We firmly believe that technology should be crafted to serve people, not the other way around.” The purpose should be uplift humanity rather than to overpower it. Their ten principles of designing good Ai is that it should be trustworthy, ethical, transparent, innovative, useful, efficient human-centered, accessible, inclusive and timeless.

A YouTube video calls Humane as secret tech company which is poised to change the world. Humane is the next shift between humans and computing*g and it promises to create the *best human experience, ever. No one outside the company knows what they are building. It is uniquely positioned to change the world. The humans behind Humane are robust tech minds, practitioners and creator bitten by the bug to change our interaction with technology. Doing away with the screen between us and world, from the current status of us being glued to it. Ambient computing is what they are talking about and the tool that would make it happen is a multi-media wearable device. More on tomorrow.

Sanjay Sahay

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