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A long standing research at Harvard University showed that way beyond success and money, the robust social relationships if created & maintained gave the maximum happiness in life. Cisco had a Human Network campaign. With machines getting into human operations rather successfully the reverse logic was also propagated, that professional work did not need human network. Which meant men could be used be used as machines. It might be true for mechanical & sundry tasks, it certainly holds no ground for even average jobs, leave aside the ones needing ingenuity and foresight.

From the engineering colleges to the business schools to even enterprises, this myth is propagated. All co-founders of great companies have been two or more persons in a professional human network, that human network helped the professional results to happen. People come together sharing the same mindset, vision or purpose, that is how we find quite a stable seniormost management of enduring companies.

From simple research to shaping up novel ideas, the human network is missing. Mass level research is very simplistic in this country. It is a one guide & one researcher story. The guide & the researcher don’t have any human network to support. Funding compliments this model. The result is out there in the open. Suffice to say, if a professional human network both at the guide level & the researcher level was existent, the fate of research would have been totally different. Its like cooking your own cuisine.

In an official environment meeting whatever be the sector, human network is only limited to social issues & not for professional work. Same documents, reports & communication keeps moving around with uncanny regularity. Similar people don’t connect & thus similar knowledge does not connect. Managing the turf is the task at hand rather than collaborating. A new idea or project can throw the company out of gear. The human network is not in place. The seeds to envy / success cannot be enmeshed. The success would be of those people, who can create this human network, which would facilitate professional, personal & social growth.


Sanjay Sahay

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