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Drones have very clearly & convincingly established their destructive credentials globally, as Venezuelan President lives with a memory of drone assassination attempt on Saturday. Politics seems to have already shrouded the basic technical, regulatory & enforcement questions that needs to be asked. Does Venezuela has Drone Regulatory Regime? The real potential of any technology is tested to the fullest by the criminals, as they happen to be first adopters of any technology & also it’s best practitioners. Bitcoin, Blockchain technology’s brand ambassador can be a recent case in point.

Incidents of this nature have been in the offing for quite sometime. The capability of a drone firing a weapon has long been established, same is their capability to carry payloads & pass on sensitive information. Drones play an important role in drug trafficking across the Mexico / US international border. Unregulated technologies can bring unmitigated disaster. When we set out to control after a major disaster & public/media outcry, a full fledged mafia would already be in place. The regulation starts from the basics of enforcement in globally enmeshed, dynamically information sharing world. Gaining foothold becomes next to impossible. If you don’t believe this school of thought, Dark Net stands as a living testimony to prove this point.

The incident happened on Saturday, when the President was delivering a speech to commomerate the 81st Anniversary of the Venezuelan national guard in the capital of Caracas. Drones armed with explosives flew towards him. Two explosions seems to have happened, seconds apart. A video footage is available of the incident. Seven members of the national guard were injured. The blame game has started, depending on political convenience. The investigation is underway & six accused have been arrested so far.

Whatever may be fate of investigation, what is established is that our security is intricately intertwined to our understanding, usage & regulation of technology. In a Cyber-Physical world, we have meet the challenges from Drones to the hacking operations of our critical infrastructure.


Sanjay Sahay

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