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What we are taught is to dream big, be audacious, think differently, be crazy to change the world, be a role model, live by example, excel in whatever you do; in reality life is on diametrically opposite trajectory. Ask anybody anything on any progress, update or likely goal not accomplishment and then you experience the litany of “In Defence” explanations. They are so perfect, tailor made & cut to size that any novice would fall for it. The energies going on for accomplishment is positive energy and for ” In Defence” preparation is blatantly negative, you can do only one, realistically!.

“In Defence,” is a crazy mindset of seeing & experiencing the ghost of the future. It might not exist in the first place. But the practitioner feels that the world is already up in arms against him and proper defences have to be put in place. In Defence mindset also works on the Plan B mechanism as in the case of Project approval and execution. If one defence fails, there would be another one as a fall back. Some “In Defence” experts have a spiral of defences from the mundane to imaginary and finally taking the journey to psychology and sentiments. A few exceptional ones have reached levels where it is in reflex mode becoming a part of their DNA.

Practicality is generally touted as one of reasons for this mindset. How can one take the responsibility of all others work is the refrain being echoed all around the place. The ecosystem is another culprit, lack of support systems falls next and the story goes on. One change which happens for sure is that the professional is taken onto the non-professional mode.

As in any other expertise, it takes huge amount of time & energy and this one has the uncanny knack of cluttering your mind completely. You need to follow the activities in the similar people / competitors to stay abreast or preferably beat them. You end up getting in groups and lobbies who belong to the “In Defence” mode. Once you get into this mode you are at best fit for sub average tasks, activities, projects & responsibilities.


Sanjay Sahay

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