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What is the easiest route to achieve your goal or your target and how to extract the maximum mileage out of it is the golden formula which everyone is dying to crack. How to study the least and the get the maximum marks or how to work out the least taxation. Discussions and strategies are abound in every aspect of life helping you to find the easiest route. There are the paid and the unpaid exoerts in this field, who are perfecting the art with every single passing day. It is so prized inour society  Where does this mindset and the attitude come from?

How do you take life is and has always been a mindset issue? Why do the parents, teachers, friends and colleagues don’t put forth a counterveiling force? Everybody is aware of the standards regarding the time, effort or other resources necessary to accomplish to achieve a goal. Everybody is aware and everyone wants to evade. One fellow creates a fake easy route certainly not fulfilling the prerequisites and short cut crowd jumps lock, stock and barrel.

The coaching centers and the most popular teachers able to tell the  important questions is a part of the same enterprise. Large number of engineering colleges and business schools are providing the easier route to professional degrees, certainly there is no education. Internal assessments and lots of other mechnisms come in handy  to stick on to the easiest route formula. Project works, internships and researches are all working overtime to create as easiest a route as possible.

In the professional world is even more conspicious but less discerning given the professional skills they  have already gained. Every branch passes it on to the other. In the project mode consultants hands easiest route product to the owner. The sales guy is only bothered about the work order. The production guys then faces the music and they palm it off in a similar manner  The same goes in to warranty support and the easiest route tamasha goes on. Professionals are ready to face stress / tension and what not for this purpose but are not ready to change to do things in the right manner, as desired and expected.


Sanjay Sahay

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