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Battle so it is; the freedom struggle was a long drawn one, complex in stages & strategies, external interfaces, able leadership and unflinching faith in the eventual success. So it was.  From 1857 to 1947 was a 90 year onslaught.  The 70 years gone by, in life of this nation might be proverbially short, but  sufficient enough to deliver milestones which can be etched in stone in human history.  Also, sufficient enough to create the  unflinching faith in our success  in our struggles ahead, as we evolve.

The battle to a developed nation is fraught with the historical complexity in a modern format. The complexity of democracy itself, the stakeholders, the processes & systems, the result.  The unison of thought amongst all, is the first criteria as in the case of all our freedom fighters.  There can minor variants in its execution.  The unison of speech & action is at the core of leadership & the executioners.  Patriotism can’t only be expression.

Gorakhpur has been a sad remainder on the eve of the Independence Day to the  resolve, grit, planning, meticulous execution & sustenance gap in the public health.  Good medical care is critical. The better half, corporate hospitals are in no better health in totality.

The horizontal spread of education at the schooling level, the  emanating quality issues might not remain transitory, if it not attended at haste, with professional expertise & precision.  The  private schooling system’s quality has been showing clear visible cracks.  But for IIT type exceptions, the higher education is in a quagmire.  Quality cannot be kept in abeyance, the results are being seen all around.  IT industry is the most recent hit.

The Independence Day evening is a better time to resolve, than when busy in functions or with messages.  Removing Brits was a visible goal, that visibility has be brought to our goals today,  the ends with timelines in all our goals needs visibility for success.  Success in life of an individual or a nation is always a zero tolerance game.


 Sanjay Sahay

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