Daily Post 1392


In the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the country has discovered the Bollywood lobby. It was already there was known to all facing it’s music and might be anybody getting connected with the film industry, directly or indirectly. This was treated as a part of the struggle to try your luck in Bollywood, however talented you might be. The Lobby over a period creates a mechanism to rule, which over a period of time becomes the system. Once lobby reaches this stage, it gains acceptability. People within and outside the lobby start talking of the subtle operations of the lobby with a normality, it doesn’t deserve. This normality is killing when you battle it, in your life. Otherwise, it might be worse, you might end up like Sushant Singh Rajput.

Let not be so naive to believe that lobby operates, thrives and exists only in Bollywood. They cannot be singled out for running a nefarious enterprise. The #MeToo movement was because of another type of lobby with different primary interest, some part of the benefits can also be similar. With all its fury, the movement seems to have ended up in a decent burial. The Lobbies know how to tire you out. You will be dealt individually and you are bound to burn out. Single cases even with imaginary flaws can be simply rubbished by these sorts of elements. They have a special knack of existence, they feed on somebody else. As long as you keep getting immense gains without much of competition, why should you make noise. Just keep lying down and have the fun in every way is a Lobby.

If you see the world around you, you will find lobbies in every sphere of Indian life. It is just that they are known by different names in different fields. They are the fixers, cartels, coterie, mafia, facilitators and the like. More often than it is combination of both front end and back end, effort, connect and seamless operation. In the front end are generally low end operators fixing for the real operators of the system. India Lobbied is the ideal term / jargon we can think of. As you enter into system, you get to know them, slowly over a period of time, you also become a part of the system, playing to their tune or get eliminated out of it. There are lots of systems, where legally you exist, in realty you don’t. You don’t get a commensurate role to play. They are the De Facto rulers and operators.

The benefit that they derive is neatly decided upon. Nothing on paper. The common denominator is that the operations runs on the concept of power without responsibility and accountability. Official power is used in an unofficial manner for achieving official ends through nefarious means. This de facto system you would be aware of in large areas of public / private existence in this country. Heart of heart merit and talent are an anathema. Being fair and transparent is like having an icing, where there is no cake. Talent and merit are shown and paraded to the world in a fully fixed match deep inside. Honesty is a liability. From where do you gather a storm against them? Rest in Peace is a way of life for the ones who don’t align and not a fond wish when you die.


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