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In the watershed time of this world and our lives too, how will we be able handle, manage and get over the crisis? That the world has broken is stating the obvious and that it should be fixed is super obvious. We have been working in silos and that has been one of the major reasons for the plight we are in. COVID-19 was forced on us but not the response. Response has been of our making. US would be one extreme with a weird relationship between the President and Dr. Fauci all too known. The expert advice is not given any heed to. If we don’t hang together now, we will not be able to achieve anything.

On the other end of the spectrum are hundreds and thousands of the citizens who are living recklessly, even in today’s dangerous times, not following the standard guidelines of today’s existence, becoming a risk not only to themselves but for others as well. Hanging together means working for the same purpose. The thoughts, plans, activities and even the way of life has to work in tandem, to make any dent in the fast worsening COVID-19 situation globally. The countries / cities which have done well in COVID-19 have their leadership, agencies and citizens hanging together to make it happen. Either you hang together or hang separately.

What Hang Separately results in, is depicted in the plight of the COVID-19 patients, away from the family, relatives and friends in isolation, battling out the disease. If we see the cover page of the newspapers, the electronic and social media, the only feeling which will get deeply drilled, is that we are not hanging together. The cracks are out there is the open. How is it impacting decision making is so conspicuous? How much of science, data and vision goes into it, is a matter of conjecture? And if we don’t hang together, what would be the fate of implementation, with innumerable agencies, complexities and dynamically changing ground situation by the hour.

As the situation deteriorates, hang together can be taken both as a divine diktat and also the will of the people. Otherwise, you hang separately. This we have seen playing on our TV screens day in and day out endlessly. Put our head, mind and effort together and get enforcement done accordingly, will only break the chain and we will get the associated result and impact. The world never taught us to hang together, we were taught that we could achieve all by ourselves, that success depends broadly on individual expertise, that the world can be run on orders, directives, SOPs, management processes and that mechanical compliance can deliver results. All this has been undone. The COVID-19 successes teach us a different story.


Sanjay Sahay

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