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India has learnt the art of being naïve. An art form for which each one has to pay a price all throughout one’s life. But Indians have decided to camouflage by way of blinkers on, rather than face it squarely. Might be everybody does not have the guts and caliber to fight it but certainly we can call the kettle black, if it happens to be one. What a smokescreen the country has created for itself. Given the situation in which we love to live, certainly there cannot be a way forward. While one day, we just on the verge of becoming a superpower, we find that we still exist with all the trapping of and practice all critical elements of the feudal system, in our own inimitable style.

Self-created naivety is also deliberately propagated by achievements, which either have no meaning or any showing on the growth trajectory; in health, education, technology and economy which most of the times, does not translate into anything worthwhile for the masses or the nation. It seems to have been commonly decided that the drama has to go on. The election promises remain the same, the gullible keep falling prey to it and also get admired for political maturity. How naïve for every party to declare for any decision right and wrong, they get the validation of the people in elections, every five years. This the epitome of a self-orchestrated and very neatly calibrated naivety. This is to say that all legal and constitutional checks and balances have no value.

Convenience and naivety go hand in hand. Breaking news has two elements; breaking the news and breaking the system. How is it still able to maintain the TRPs is the biggest attack on a matured thought process and has created a whole culture of propagating naivety. Known harsh realities are being negated in a very comprehensive manner, but it should not be allowed to happen, in the interest  of providing a meaning to our life and our existence. Can it ever be believed that the politician does not know how politics happens in this country? How elections are funded and now messy can be, leading to bloody battles, which we have seen even in recent times too. How crowds are gathered and how political violence happens? How India remains enmeshed in politics and elections perpetually? Feigning not to know the harsh realities of Indian politics, is the biggest breaking news.

That the bureaucrats don’t know how transfers and postings happen and what brings the internal feuds out in the open! We have an iconic case of the maximum city. Why does it so happen that gory details of a publicly fallen officer only comes out in the open? The details are all known to everyone concerned in every nook and corner but the media and powers that be, prefer to remain ignorant of it, for their own convenience. You don’t have to be an international HR expert to understand the track record, trajectory and the reputation of an officer. The cliques and coteries of governments and officers that are public knowledge. Power is defined in that manner. The system becomes super functional with mini and dynamic combinations. The media does not know who the black sheep are, in their fraternity. India bleeds daily because of these innumerable ostriches, who reap the benefits while their heads remain are deep in the  sand.


Sanjay Sahay

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