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With the fast moving complex and technologically challenging world gaping at us and we are forced to find solutions to our business issues, mostly technology enabled or technology driven, stitching technology solutions can be the only answer. Will ideas, theoretical functionalities of products and technical strength of disruptive technologies be able to pull of these solutions? Why much touted solutions or even projects on conventional requirements are forced to bite dust? While requirements look conventional, the way it has to be dealt with in today’s tech environment, turns out to be totally different. Powerpoint presentations can only introduce you to a topic at the very best and even a detailed project proposal, can have only a cursory value, if projects runs into rough weather and generally it does.

Everybody believes that it is doable, till the time it fails. Mostly, major bottlenecks emerge and then it is forced  to happen and commissioned in the existential interest of the organization. Certainly, this is not the way forward for far reaching projects. Do we even know what all is possible and at what price, the gestation period and the functional duration of the project with clarity. Technologically, out of the box thinking is more as a matter of speaking rather than a reality being practiced. With the limited knowledge of products and ability of use  of a few products made available by the business enterprise and its associates, in a price range which is suitable for profits, can worthwhile technology solutions  be even stitched.

This does not in any way bring down the immense requirement of such tech solutions. Then what is the way out? The only way out can be a robust proof of concept demonstration, at a satisfactory scale. The scale can be decided by the customer. The demo type affair of software and hardware technical specifications has never been able to add value or confidence to the customer. Even the name’s sake hurried POC is also not turning out to be enough. If it is the duty of the business enterprise to convincingly prove its tech solution, then robust POC is the only answer. The customer and solution creator and executor, both would be comfortable, as they move forward in their business engagement and the proposed project execution.

Given the nature of time, effort, focus and logistics required, it would be in the fitness of things that the client pays for the POC, if it is successful, agreed, consented and work order emanates out of it. Failed POC would not be paid for, that would bring the responsibility squarely on the vendor. If he cannot do a successful robust POC as discussed, he has no reasons to be in business. A robust POC would familiarize both the parties of the road ahead. It would help in the planning of the main project much better and for sure would improve the quality of project execution. Execution decides the worth of the project and if that happens, the purpose is more than served and we move to the next higher level of project creation, demonstration (POC) and most important of it all, execution.


Sanjay Sahay

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