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India on the Moon

ISRO’s Chandrayan-3 Vikram lander makes a successful soft-landing on Moon and the country got ecstatic about it and quite rightly so. India became the fourth country to achieve this feat and the first country to land on the Lunar South Pole. The scientists appeared on the scene as required for the occasion and would be back to work in no time, as usual and continue relentlessly their exploration of space. ISRO, a government organization, represents the best of proactive attitude, behavioral trait of never say never die, with the culture of starting from scratch and taking it to the finishing line and beyond.

What does this teach to the large Indian governmental workforce tasked with rather mundane work to deliver in a mechanical manner and they still finding it to be next to impossible, for reasons best known to them. ISRO has for long created a work culture which the country can only envy. You can watch and be awestruck and but very few or hardly any would have the courage to replicate. Business case study type research is a must for an organization which has created a totally different space for India. It can be a model to replicate at least for the R&D institutions, which have a lot to do to find their rightful place.

Where are there are no targets or goals of the mechanical nature, but the passion to dream and to bring it to reality. Where time, energy, effort and even failures are treated as non-issues, the space will have to explored, whatever come may and this is what they live for. There is no concept of a calculated success or glory game, what comes their way, they take it. If it doesn’t come way, it is a journey well taken, while making the best possible efforts; might be the destination was a bit too far, or it needed more concerted efforts. While the IIT crème de la crème crowd pushes off to greener pastures, educated on tax payers’ money, these scientists have created an oasis of scientific excellence, delivering to astounding regularity.

A work culture that needs to be researched upon. Humble, they give the look and feel of any other Indian. Extraordinary by any stretch of presently practiced Indian work culture. The nature of collaboration needed at this level of research by various scientists, labs, testing facilities, bringing pieces together, imagining the unimaginable and planning for it,*executing it with bated breath, is something words cannot explain. The scientific and logistical nightmare, where only precision can deliver. Think of the leadership of decades, founder downwards, unflinching in their approach, to keep trying to deliver with purpose; things happen only incrementally being the dictum. We can look at them only with professional awe. ISRO took us to the moon, it also can certainly be our role model for work culture transformation, which the country desperately needs.

Sanjay Sahay

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