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If we go by what the politician says, it seems that there is a craze for public service, and they have also joined the political bandwagon to do something of the society. The same thing is spoken from every recognizable pulpit in the country; from within the legislatures to electioneering to speeches delivered on national functions. There is no denying the fact, that this passion and fervor, so blatantly and confidently talked about, can be the real mover of governance. How much is it visible in governance and more so experienced, is the most critical question, the country is battling it out on day in day out basis.

If an iota of all that has been spoken about for the sake of serving the people, we would have been a different country. Is it just a lip service which suits all? In this scenario it would very difficult to say, whether the society in whose name they make these momentous claims, have any idea about the diehard commitments, being openly declared in their name. Not that they are unaware of it as most of times it is addressed to them rather directly, but what do they do about it. Powerless and rudderless. The harsh reality is that they have given up.

For the last so many decades, the state of governments and governance is a given. An open opinion poll of the people who actually need and deserve this service can rip apart this model once and for all. The nature of power and wherewithal the political executive has, can transform these people in just a few years. The best part is that there is no public service required, they just need to do their job as mandated, for which they are paid well and lead a luxurious life, devoid of physical and financial worries. In the same predicament, though coming from a different route, that of competitive exams, is the permanent executive. It is certainly true that the candidates getting into upper echelon, had sufficient career choices and decided in favor of public service.

In the final interviews before getting into the best public services of the country, maximum number of candidates state that they are opting for these jobs as it gives them a chance to serve, more than any other job, and will have the power and resources to make it happen. They state even after achieving success in the exams. It would give you a feeling that the commitment is from deep down their hearts and a final decision seems to have been made for lifelong delivery on this trajectory, completely steadfast. When and how this changes to routine chores of a government job remains unknown? The general feeling is that whether it is the political class or the bureaucracy, they are there to serve their own ends of a rather luxurious life and all that goes with it.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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