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That India has been bad at creating products is a known story but the famed services also creaks more often than not. Service delivery is what all of us are dependent upon on a day to day basis, product creation and even procurement is an one off affair. The utility in any product depends on how it is maintained and the maintenance decides the quality of service. The quality of service decides the health of the nation, it takes away stress out of our daily existence. It can transform both the ease of life and ease of business.

Talk to anyone trying to establish a business, construct a house or getting established in a new place and his life is a tale of woes and the biggest contributor to this misery, are the service providers. May it be the transporter, plumber, electrician or internet connection or a piped gas home, it is a wild goose chase, it gives you a feeling of achievement if it happens, when this should happen in a mechanical manner, given the fact that you have paid through the nose. Time and quality is both in question and the standard replies and the audacity of behavior is the value add.

Online services have added some cheer to the payment related services but for the rest it remains the famed rigmarole. Fulfilling self styled requirements of organizations and matching with the availability and quality of service is no mean task. For simple maintenance and service takes individuals and companies spend hefty sums to be up and running at the right quality. Necessarily, it adds to the cost of living & operations. Effort and stress for availing a paid service, we have to bear with. If you try to challenge, you are admonished, it’s supposed to be impractical.

The servers creaks and bandwidth gets narrower. Ubers and Olas have started showing local colors. For an Indian to get back permanently to India this by far happens to the single biggest deterrent. Some take the plunge against data to the contrary. Few are able to withstand. And the rest go back again to their simpler, saner environs. Professionalism in service delivery will elevate our existence and would attract lots of Indians to get back home.


Sanjay Sahay

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