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Human being by it’s very nature are solution enabled and the progress of mankind is a standing testimony to this great trait. The problems over the years have also become more complex. Human beings stand tall in all of the animal kingdom with the remarkable skill of cognition. Cognition is “the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.,” Are we using this faculty for becoming solution enabled?

Cognition is a tool which if used properly and proactively and if practiced for over a long period, has the capability to make you solution enabled. The tool in possession of a bystander gets transformed, if it is in possession of a doer; the practitioner. Any tool is utility agnostic, what use we put that to, is it’s utility. How many of us would accept the fact that to do something of the the box, to innovate on purpose and to make the desired change happen, is directly proportional to the solution enabled faculties of the human being.

Life in totality at the individual level and at all levels is a problem statement, from the macro to the nano, every situation is an issue and every interaction a challenge. May it be sailing through a boardroom meeting or going through the endless iterations in design of a F32 fighter aircraft, to be the ultimate winner in long protracted international negotiation, only a solution enabled mindset can pull you through. This mindset helps create all the skills, expertise and competencies, with one of it’s kind patience, perseverance and hard work focussed only on the solution.

In a world where time elapsed is work done, where matrices of quality are still at questionable levels, where bio-metric attendence is the confidant, solution and solution finding is a distant war cry. It is at the level of fanciful talking, ideal for conferences and workshops. Problems remain unattended or worse still, it is supposed to somebody’s else’s problem. Trying to solve a problem is believed to be getting into a problem.


Sanjay Sahay

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