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Wit, humour and sarcasm manifest the depth, maturity, intensity and civilization ingrained in a language and it’s popular usage speaks of temperate, well meaning and inclusive society. Matured societies and matured languages have always practiced this. The capability to pull a fast one can be done only by the best practitioner’s of both intellect and language. If it falls flat, you cut out a very sorry figure. Best practitioners of this component of writing have the capability to laugh at themselves as well, which speaks so high of the immense poise & grace of the individual.

Indians as a race are by default on the Getting Offended Mode. Sentiments and emotions are certainly a part of any human being and keeping it in moderation is what age, context and society is supposed to have taught us. Getting into a sullen mood at the drop of hat can make life miserable of the practitioner and everybody around him. The whole social ecosystem moves to a different frequency. There is no space for wit, humor and sarcasm in a society with a surcharged undercurrent all the time.

Communication in it’s intricacies is quite a complex game and language is only one component of it. Undeniably, the flair for the language is an important component, but contextual intelligence is also a must. A perfect understanding of human relationship adds to it. On the written side it means navigating the nuances and still be able max the punch. For people who find difficult to manage language in normal communication, in it’s entirety, the finesse to use wit, humour and sarcasm may take a more than a lifetime, if it were to happen. In the social media world emojis have subsumed the most matured component of language.

The capability to get through an observation and experience is dependent how competent you are in handling that. People find it difficult to express empathy. How can they, if they don’t have any. Expression is the outward manifestation of brain, if you don’t have it there, he will not have it outside as well. If society has lots of individuals of the above genre, the society also gets a miss. A matured society practices a full groomed multifaceted language.


Sanjay Sahay

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