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India has turned out to be a democratic land where election never ends. The spectre of elections looms large on a permanent basis. It is something like what used to be talked about the British empire, that the sun never sets on it. How did we gain this notoriety? And how does it impact our very existence end to end? What impact it has on every democratic institution and may be by extension on every institution and enterprise in the country. It seems the country has got enmeshed badly in elections and to extricate it, seems to be an impossible task.

Elections should be transformed into a mechanical task, which can be conducted routinely by the mandated institutions. It should not impact the normal activities of the nation and should certainly not have any consequence on governance and business. Life cannot be truncated or allowed to come to standstill in this day and age. May be that is the spirit of the what is constitutionally mandated. Every election is being brought to the national scale with media engaged full time into this act, it transforms the whole nation into this mode. It is a distraction we can ill afford.

It is legal and a functional presumption that elections at panchayat, municipal bodies, state legislature and parliament should to restricted to the respective geography only. How is a person in Kerala gets impacted by the municipal elections in Delhi? Leaders have gone overboard to make every election a battle of consequence for the nation, which has never been the case and it would never be so in reality. If the political parties are embroiled in tug of war of a different type, they can decide their course of action. Why should whole nation pay in time and mental engagement? You are forced not to think of anything else. State election results impact Sensex now is the point we have reached.

When all leaders; national and state become leaders for every election, what would happen to governance? Governance in election mode was not visualized by the constitution, the sooner we get rid of it, the better it is for us. The missing political executive for days, weeks and months together seems to have become the order of the day. With One India One Election never going to happen, the missing political executive is no longer an exception. They feel they are delivering whilst being in the election mode as well, but that can at best be a feeling. The preparation /electioneering time has extended like anything and so has the time to normalize after the declaration of election results; meaning the time taken between the results and the government becoming fully functional. Besides this, the governments are tweaked off and on with elections in the minds.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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