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It the political human resource that rules the country. They decide the fate of the nation and literally decide the direction. What is political human resource? This question can intrigue anyone, even persons who have been in this trade for decades. Leaders having come through some unstructured political ladder, and seen generations of political workers joining the political fray and slowly become political human resource, will also be at their wits end. Undoubtedly, lots are not able to bear the heat and are thrown by the wayside or decide to join more humanly preoccupations. Of the ones who are able manage the roller coaster ride, the world is theirs.

They can rule the roost at any ministry or any dept of the government, and head variety of government agencies and enterprises in different ways. They also head sports organizations and what not? They have a hand in every pie. They can ride roughshod over the regular bureaucracy, any expert, any intellectual or any enterprise in this nation. Where does the political human resource come from? Leaving the geography, caste and economic profile, we know it for sure, they are ones mostly could not make big anywhere, who have not proven in any professional field or excelled in education. Some sizeable chunk also comes from the student politics background.

Suffice to say this group would have had endless amount of time to spend in non-productive ways. They would spend most part of their time loitering and making connections at the lowest political levels, to find some roots to hold on to. These connections would grow and make them worthwhile. The attribute of personal loyalty is at the core of political human resource development. Political human resource is a jungle growth and he should learn to fend for himself and the loyal group around him. There are no internships or probations. You decide and be on the job till the time you make a mark. There are no profession mentors and learning on the job the crudest way.

A political party is like no other organization; bureaucracy, public or private sector, academic institution, international organizations, civil society organizations, NGOs and what not. They live off the land. They could be the civilian analogy of a guerrilla. No finances, no funds, nothing fixed, no programs, no projects, which the world is aware of. No allotments, no completion or utilization certificates, primarily. To top it all they have no training institutions for locating and grooming political talent. They don’t need any worldly education, training, competencies, expertise et al and still they comfortably rule the world. We are overawed by their power and it has become a democratic DNA to obey them. Political battle; intra party and inter party on a permanent basis is the first and final training school.

Sanjay Sahay

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