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If there is one termite which is eating up the vitals of the system in literally everything, it is indifference. The way indifference has been professionalised can be the best business case of the Indian existence end to end. From a road accident bystander to self created incapability to inform anything to the authorities to the indifference of civic authorities / citizens in reckless use of water, water crisis notwithstanding, the list is endless. The deterioration of human behaviour has not happened overnight from the famed communities of the yesteryears.

The sales team not being bothered about how the production team will make it happen and the production guys not bothered about the warranty ones to follow, what sort an indifference we have created in the system called business enterprise. Lo and behold, it is claimed, it delivers everything, self certified. Total indifference is found in the quality of the Human Resource recruited and thrown to the site. What do your expect out of them; involvement, ownership, responsibility and accountability – a tall order indeed.

In an excellent case of transfer psychology we have in the trolling industry. Anonymous to the world, these crusaders take on as as team to throw muck on whosoever they decide, for reasons which as an overstatement can be called an exercise in sadism. These are guys who practice extreme indifference in every aspect of the life, all of a sudden spring into hyper action. Social media filter is the ultimate tool in being indifferent to yourself, claiming all fun and frolic while the life may be gong the other way.

The professional camouflaging of indifference in a bigger art than the indifference itself. The process is called Indifference Epitomised. While you can see, feel and experience indifference in everything all around, the cacophony of the very same individuals creates a carefully orchestrated different clutter. The normal average person will never get the hang of it. India moves on.


Sanjay Sahay

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