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What is most conspicuously missing yet most required in the present day, to be enmeshed with the engineering education is the true life’s story of the trials and tribulations of the innovator entrepreneurs, both in their professional and personal life. A repository of technical, entrepreneurial, business and life skills acumen, tried and tested, which can be picked up by any student depending on his requirement and he can then proceed on his own entrepreneurial / business journey. That life is a long haul and one should be prepared to battle it out is the message which should loud and clear.

The business case study method is more like a social media filter, which is created, taught and used in the same manner. The newness and bringing in experiential learning has been somewhere lost in the way and the standardised western case studies with the teaching method has been replicated in our business schools lock, stock and barrel. When thought at a slightly higher level, the purpose of technical and management education is to create a breed of innovator entrepreneurs, then why the life and times of the iconic ones of the modern technological age is not taught to them.

With India becoming a Start Up country and the future of the nation being dependent on them, is it not paradoxical that these icons don’t figure in the engineering and business school curriculum. What can be a better learning than this for the nature of the future which is unfolding out for all of us? Even who don’t intend to be in business he or she will have to pick up all traits to just survive in the age of automation. The skills which we are all so proud of today might get sacrificed at the altar of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

A Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or Larry Page / Sergey Brin through their life and achievements, if carefully dissected and taught with no emotion and iconic prism, would turn out to the ultimate learning for all coming out of the portals of famed and not so famed institutions. Lots of the grind would get cut down, lots would get ready for a harsher grind and lots will view the world and education differently and deliver to themselves and world what they would have never imagined.


Sanjay Sahay

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