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Whether we accept it or not last few years have taught us that there is a technology solution to nearly everything. While the detractors can keep arguing against it, keeping human skills, elements and traits at a different level, the reality is that technology is not only providing solutions to our day to day drudgery, giving us productive choices but also controlling the recalcitrant human elements who have been running amok since items immemorial. Sanity through technology is destined to be our future.

Wherever we are positioned, in whatever we do, whosoever’s destiny we decide and try and guide whichever enterprise or industry, the road ahead is find a technological solutions to our issues / problem statements. The million dollar question is now do we go about it? In our linear thought process we start looking for people, products and finally companies which can guide us in that order. Companies are created to sell products and not to provide ideal technological solutions for issues plaguing you or your enterprise, govt. depts and government at large.

Finding a right and the best technological solution is your baby and nobody can do it for you, some sound rational technologists can assist you, if need be. The best technological solution may be two or more pieces put together, it could well be a legacy system transforming into a full bloom tree, with totally different fruits. Or it can be an iterative process which throws the final robust, customised product to suit your needs at the end of unimaginable trials and tribulations, never knowing where you will finally land up.

Finding a product and then aligning your needs to that product is the worst way to face the technological world. The requirements to dictate technology and not the other way round. Technology is just a facilitator, use it for that purpose. Diamond merchants use Blockchain technology, missed calls were used by some chaiwallahs, Swiggys provide a tech solution to food home delivery, Estonia for govt services and it goes on. Technology has got enmeshed into domain.


Sanjay Sahay

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