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 The flood of inspirational messages on WhatsApp mainly by way of forwards; ideas, thoughts, stories, data, information, pics & videos has made it the most inspirational medium in human history.  Who gets inspired is the basic question! Or is it just a war of forwards in the  healthy competition of users to be in social media circulation,  without any effort whatsoever. If inspiring or getting inspired had become so cheap, as made out by this medium, we would have been a hugely inspired lot. The reality it diametrically opposite. We are trying to project a reality which does not exist.  Inspiration cannot happen through the cut-copy-paste or the forwards mode,  so religiously being used by all the practitioners.

 Inspiring or getting inspired is a long & arduous journey both for the giver & the taker.  The starting point is always the will to change. What is really inspirational is an individual’s take in life & even more critical is how we use that inspiration for ourselves & even beyond the impact thereof in tangible terms.  That is there for all of us to see in any / every act the individual performs, small & big, in his daily life.

The  nano second reading & forwarding,  with no intent anywhere, is not the ideal way for assimilation of an idea,  certainly not sufficient enough to become your DNA.  It needs application of mind to start with & unstinted focus & effort to take it further. Aspirational India needs inspirational role models for sure but is it happening by the most used communication medium the world has ever known. Time to pause & think.  Or is it just a time pass or a national waste of working hours, which we have been doing through different methods for long.

The utility is worth the benefit we derive & so is true of this medium as well.  Just getting connected & passing on stuff not meant for any usage is not going to take us anywhere.  Plagiarism of this kind is unacceptable.


 Sanjay Sahay

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