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A new entrant to a job is tensed that he has not been able make an impact. On the job for only ten months! History of mankind teaches us that is a long haul to make an impact, to deliver something worthwhile. But this is the millennial generation & the best way to describe them is their “Instantaneous Frame of Mind.” Gratification has to happen in a jiffy. Millennials are a generation of post 1984 born, thought to be very different from the earlier generations. Simon Sinek has discussed the far reaching impact of this mindset.

They are always judgemental about the employers which was never the case earlier. A mail is instant, even that being cumbersome, we have reached the WhatsApp age. Want to watch a movie, Netflix; want a ticket, it’s in your inbox. Need a book: Amazon to Kindle will sort it out. Reading remains cumbersome. And there are plenty of ppts to choose from. English got metaphormosed for them and even the elders got into that mode. They know only the “Instant Age.”

Additionally, they have been subjected to Failed Parenting Strategy. Kids are made to believe that they are special whatever come may. They would get whatever they want in life. Some got the bright courses because of their parents & lots performed well because their teachers wanted them to perform. Some also got participation medals which means medals for coming last. It devalues the hard worker & embarrasses the also rans. The outside world is no different, they are fed on dophamine. Social media provides filter to social relationships. It leads to the creation of dophamine, same chemical which gets created as result of gambling, smoking & drinking. Likes etc give the same feeling & thus the addiction.

Stress happens in a jiffy. Hard learning and inculcating of coping mechanism has not happened. Patience is in short supply & so are the social skills. Trust takes time to build, relationships get build in a slow & steady manner. Facing the challenge is life and not depression. A well meaning generation has to find a balance between life & technology. Short term gains cannot take precedence over life. Employers have to make this mindset happen, in their own interest. Sitting in judgement will confound it further.


Sanjay Sahay

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