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Have many times do you get refuted on a regular basis? How many times you thought if you find a formula to irrefutable facts and narratives you would have become an ultimate success? The social media is a text battlefield with each refuting the other. The fake news and syndrome is trying to steal authenticity out of our existence. Are there irrefutable facts? Is there a method to position them as irrefutable and sustain in that way? What is the process to find the irrefutable? This is the method the world is looking of.

Accepting fact as an opinion is in fashion. It solves nearly all problems of integrity and propriety and you get into a mode what is euphemistically called practical. As you get into this mould you have already lost the battle. There is denying the fact that facts are existent. In the environment which we have created, discovering the irrefutables in any field, area or sector becomes a humungous task. This can happen only after years of self training and finally having the courage of conviction to state it out in the open.

Facts are needed for everything and nothing can be created if the facts are itself in question. Irrefutable facts presupposes huge amount of analysis and capability like a software crawler to both glean the facts and find meaning in it. That meaning should be self substantiated and if it is tested over a period of time, the facts will come out victorious. A society losing its constant and dynamic interaction with facts at a real time level will not be able to face the world. A data driven world missing out on facts can be the biggest tragedy of the Information Age.

A professional in the present age is one who has expertise to fathom out the irrefutables in the areas required in the shortest possible time. It may be akin to locating a needle in the haystack. The world is full of information and narratives which are contrary, might be misleading too. Professional intuition can only sieve through this, having developed by years of penance and practice. Once we discover the irrefutables, edifice creation can start.


Sanjay Sahay

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