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The age of scientific evidence has already begun. There has been remarkable improvements in technologies in most of the conventional areas of analysis and reporting. And with the onset of deep intervention of technology in our lives, there is forensics in everything. Correctly used the current technologies itself can bring about transformative changes, some sparks of which can already be seen. It is time for Forensic Scientists to come out of their silos, free their closed minds and try and discover a totally new trajectory for oneself and in totality for Forensic Science. It’s time to pause, decide on the roadmap and move ahead.

All criminal offences evidence would go through the Forensic Science Laboratories, which will stamp it for evidentiary value or the lack of it after taking it through the scientific analysis process. The challenges are huge in today’s technology world, the Gatwick International Airport recent drone case unfolds the dangers ahead; 1,30,000 passengers stranded with around 700 flights cancelled. New technology area, it is still groping in the dark. With challenges increasing new and effective tools are also being researched and developed. Next-generation sequencing, NGS, has revolutionised biological sciences through massively parallel sequencing technology.

Forensic anthropologist can identify from decomposed remains, burned, mutilated or otherwise unrecognizable, as might be in a plane crash. Neuropsychological forensics investigations are opening new vistas for forensic analysis. The process currently in vogue is termed as nonlinear electrophysiological neurocognitive processes. The Skripal Salisbury case weapon grade isotope was analysed by a top notch laboratory in the Hague. Lots of tools being developed and improved on a regular basis is adding to the capabilities of the forensic science laboratories worldwide.

Out of the direct purview of the law enforcement agencies world, preventive forensics is gaining ground. Detecting patterns and predictions is at it’s core. Preventive Cyber Forensics will rule the world. It would help in creating preventive digital forensic systems to proactively resolve computer security incidents in organizations. Given the disruptive changes all around a new Functional Forensic Science Ecosystem needs to emerge.


Sanjay Sahay

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