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Breaking news has become the norm but two of those on AI recently, have shook the world. First, is the robot  Sophia  being put on public display through a video & the second, is the  spat between Mark Zuckerberg , Elon Musk and Rodney Brooks,  the founding director of MIT’s Comp. Sc. & Artificial Intelligence Lab.  The exponential growth trajectory of Artificial Intelligence is an accepted fact;  what is being debated is its positive & negative fallouts. Elon Musk talks about regulation & finds Mark Zuckerberg’s knowledge on AI to be limited. Zuckerberg has talked about AI pessimists in a recent chat.  Brooks accuses Musk of knowing little about AI. The AI debate is at the world center stage.

From SIRI to self driving cars are well known. AI encompasses everything from Google search algorithms to IBM’s Watson to autonomous weapons.  Sophia is the biggest AI news since the IBM Watson’s defeating the Go game champions.  Her skin is made of patented silicon & can emulate 62 facial expressions.  Cameras in her eyes combined with algorithms facilitates vision, enable to follow faces, make eye contact & recognise individuals.  She can process speech & chat. Machine learning will make her smarter.

The pace of progress is overwhelming. Six ways in which AI might affect in future are   Automated Transportation, Cyborg Technology, Taking over dangerous jobs, Solving climate change, Robots as friends & Improved elder care.  The future might make it just illustrative, the reality might be that nothing  would go unaffected.  There would be Disruptive Change everywhere.

Science fiction of today is likely to pale into insignificance given the likely reality of tomorrow.  We might have to get ready for Humans Version 2.0.  IoT with AI will rule the world.  Resistance to change might become a misnomer.  We live in the fascinating times the humankind had not even imagined.  Its  time to embrace AI & be a dynamic part of exponential technological revolution engulfing us.


    Sanjay Sahay

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