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 Creativity is born & propelled in an  ecosystem which provides for peace of mind, allows for companions of one’s choice & unperturbed time to be remain engaged.  Generally, it takes roots pretty early in life, nearly at the same time, when the whole generation is getting hooked to social media. Once you get onboard on this new social relationship platform, you are lifted to a make believe world, controlled by extraneous factors, its rules & norms, completely fixated on parameters totally antithetical to creativity.

 With messages, pics, videos & jokes hitting your machine like a blitzkrieg, the ability to think with freshness of mind takes a beating, which we don’t realise.  Recent researches show that  the time spend on physical social relationships have come down considerably, where is the scope to wear the thinking cap, an essential ingredient for creativity.  Slowly, our activities get oriented and at times get dictated by the desire to make our presence felt on the social media.

 Anonymity, solitude, capability to be with oneself, patience & perseverance, with no desire to be get fake digital social recognition,even before you get onto any task, is the initiation of mindset which takes you a road to creativity.  This would then provide time to read, learn, analyse and this sets the stage for creativity to make entry into your life.  Negativity is the biggest enemy of creativity,  how much of it created by social media which is information / propaganda warfare machine.

 There is a fear that the vast majority of the digital generation would just bypass this creativity syndrome, which is so essential to make the best of the exponential age, providing immense opportunities up for grabs.  Creativity & consequent innovation would make the difference between the winners & the also rans.

Time to take the warning signals seriously & align our life to the creativity roadmap.


 Sanjay Sahay

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