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 Competition is one word which most of abhor & relate to stress & strain prevalent all around the place.  From school to top positions in the professional ladder, from free lancers to the politicians, generally finds oneself at the receiving end of competition.  Facts throw up lots of contradictions in the present scenario.  Confusion over competition is getting confounded. It can be broadly presumed that  in such a cut throat competitive world, excellence would be the natural outcome.

The reality is otherwise.  Excellence is rare.  If we put  cost benefit analysis  into operation, the results would be discouraging. If we calculate  percentage of excellence  out of the total numbers, the results are no different. With excellence having lost out in the race, competition & its nature itself becomes an enigma.

In a country of large scale production of graduates & post graduates,  the percentage of educated unemployables is ever increasing.  Has competition been there, these guys wouldn’t have been churned out at all.

The best of the results at +2 level does not ensure success in professional colleges entrance exams. Once in, lots are not able to perform.  The professional world, which takes the best out of our educational system seems to be doldrums . It’s an enigma that mediocrity rules the roost in a highly competitive world.

 The total investment in education does not match the expected quality of products.  It’s a losing game. On the quantum side;  what should be the number of engineers with world class competitive edge, in a annual production of 15 lakh engineers.  The numbers on this proportion, may it doctors, other professions, real innovators or entrepreneurs, manifests a negative story.

 At the top, competition tapers off phenomenally.


    Sanjay Sahay

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