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 A Hindi word in its English translation would mean a person who has the capability to take you through any activity, end to end.  A thread to a garland, so to say. He was the person beyond a director of the ancient Sanskrit plays, performing the role as above.  History transforms into modernity and so does the roles of yesteryears into modern roles of today.  It is so central to the modern projects, being the real underpinning, a man who can make it happen.

From idea to reality is not a dream sequence as made out in business case studies.  The nagging bottlenecks are deliberately left out or are so packaged, that the journey seems to be adventurism on a meticulously planned,   whereas the journey is exactly the opposite. To cater to the reader / audience this package has been deliberately created to give you a peasant taste of bitter journey. Might be, if this packaging is not done, it  would give the feeling of a misadventure  to the potential journey takers.

The journey is initiated with an  idea,  with some cross checks moves in to the stage of  concept paper . Slight experimentation transforms it into a  proof of concept . Detailing is at the heart of any project, that detailing is what we call it as the  Detailed Project Report.  Tender process or otherwise you need an  executioner.  The selection of this entity is what makes or mars a project. All throughout the execution process the  sutradhar is the friend, philosopher & guide,  besides being the validator and supervisor. He is the master puppeteer.

Henceforth, is  testing, rollout, commissioning  and taking it to the stage of  robust functioning  making the project  dependable & irreversible  and finally is handed for all to use & enjoy the results, with all due precautions.

This in short is the life cycle of a project.  Have you been able to locate the Sutradhar, before initiating the futuristic journey?


    Sanjay Sahay

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